The ICT4YOUTHWORK project aims to better enable youth organizations, youth services and youth workers in reaching young people and delivering to them activities that will ensure responsiveness to the trends in society such as the latest progress in technologies and digital media.

The project’s effort will allow for these types of organizations to update and adapt their methods to the new technologies to improve outreach to youth. Thus, youth organizations will be better empowered to increase the quality of the youth sector in Europe by sharing know-how across sectors, generating and disseminating new knowledge on methods and practices for use of the latest digital tools and media in youth work.

ICT4YOUTHWORK is a project that is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships.

The ICT4YOUTHWORK sets to:

Map, analyze and report on good practices in online youth work that can be transferred and adopted across youth work from Sweden, Greece, Portugal and Romania as well as throughout Europe


Enhance the uptake of ICT, digital and social media in the practices of organizations engaging in youth work

Improve the access to existing knowledge, experience and know-how on best practices, tools and methodologies for youth work in the digital age

Involve a target group of organizations and individuals specializing in youth work from Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Romania, as well as other Erasmus+ countries


This digital knowledge repository aims to capture all the latest but also best practices, tools and methodologies to better enable youth work.


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The ICT4YOUTHWORK project joins together four European institutions to present a multi-disciplinary partnership from Sweden, Greece, Portugal and Romania.

The project’s partnership is led by Stockholm University (SU) - eGovlab (Department of Computer and Systems Sciences DSV) who acts as coordinator for the partners: Government To You (Gov2u), Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação - Consultadoria Empresarial e Fomento da Inovação, S.A. (SPI) and Asociatia ZURY (ZURY). All partners come with a full background in the field and possess the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve the project results.