ICT4YOUTHWORK visits the youth work organisation Föreningen Framtidståget

Our ICT4YOUTHWORK partner from eGovlab visited on the 11th of October 2018 the youth work organisation Föreningen Framtidståget based in Stockholm to discuss ICT4YOUTHWORK. The project was well received as there is a real need for youth workers to learn more about how to reach youth via digital means and social media.

Moreover, Föreningen Framtidståget organizes an interesting event called “My Nationality is Mankind – Youth exchange in Russia”. This Youth Exchange is about promoting peace and intercultural dialogue among young people. There will be 30 young people aged 18-30 from Russia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Egypt and Morocco, who will meet in Russia. Topics that are planning to explore are peace, diversity, inclusion, intercultural dialogue, stereotypes, prejudices and conflict-resolution, as well as any other that may be of interest.

“My Nationality is Mankind” is based on non-formal education methods which means that we will be learning from each other through team-building activities, role plays, games, group work & discussions, acting exercises, photo competition, etc. The programme will also include evening activities such as intercultural evenings and game nights.

You can check the application deadline and terms of participation here.