ICT4YOUTHWORK starts its collaboration on dissemination with Hi-tech Youth Work

Strong cross-dissemination synergies are necessary in EU-funded projects so that they can reach greater audiences and gain more visibility.

In this context, ICT4YOUTHWORK stretched out to Hi-tech Youth Work, a 2-years strategic partnership in the field of youth (March 2017 – February 2019), to collaborate and cross-disseminate their upcoming activities.

Hi-tech Youth Work created a field of sharing of competences and tools, validated by youth organizations based in four different countries (Italy, Malta, Moldova and Lithuania), in order to increase the abilities of the involved youth workers to act also as media educators, able to use social media and digital competences not only for the purpose of communication but also as part of the key content of youth work, even able to make inclusive the youth work.

For more information, Visit Hi-tech Youth Work project website.