Hi-tech youth work project disseminates ICT4YOUTHWORK reports

Hi-tech youth work project, one of the projects that we have created a cross-dissemination synergy, wrote a news item about the two ICT4YOUTHWORK reports. The article on their blog refers the following:
Would you like to learn from the best practices by other youth organizations about on-line youth work? We suggest you to have a look at the two reports created within the project ICT4YOUTHWORK: they identify 30 case studies on best practice in online youth work in Sweden, Greece, Portugal and Romania, which can be replicated and adopted throughout Europe. The best practices comprise digital and social media tools that can improve not only the engagement of youth organizations with their target audience, but also the internal communication within the youth organization.

More in detail:
Report 01 is about Good Practice Case Studies of Online Youth Work Practices
Report 02 Report was developed as a result of collaboration between project partners and aims to enhance the knowledge of youth workers for better uptake of ICT in their daily work and for delivering online youth work. This will be achieved by providing information on how to use the Internet to search for information and by listing a set of tools and provide practical examples on how they can be used in the daily life of a youth work organization and for youth work and giving information about these tools.

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