Hi-tech Youth Work blog announces our dissemination synergy

The blog post mentions:
“Another project similar to ours is currently running in Europe: ICT4YOUTHWORK; it is a strategic partnership that aims to better enable youth organizations, youth services and youth workers in updating and adapting their methods to the new technologies to improve outreach to youth. Thus, youth organizations will be better empowered to increase the quality of the youth sector in Europe by sharing know-how across sectors, generating and disseminating new knowledge on methods and practices for use of the latest digital tools and media in youth work. The ICT4YOUTHWORK project joins together four European institutions to present a multi-disciplinary partnership from Sweden, Greece, Portugal and Romania.
Learn more about it on ICT4YOUTHWORK web site (info available in English, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian and Swedish):
Why not to start a cooperation, disseminating each other results and contributing to the improvement of the quality of youth work across the Europe?”