Dive in Diversity conference

On the 11th of July 2018 the Gov2u team, represented by Pantelis Kanellopoulos, participated in the conference “Dive in Diversity” which was organized by the youth center “CONNECT Athens” at the Impact Hub in Athens, Greece. The aim of the conference was to enhance the intercultural skills that trainers, counselors and mental health professionals need in order to address intercultural issues while counseling vulnerable groups of young people.

The event lasted approximately 4hours and it consisted of two parts. The first one was a brief presentation about the youth center’s activities in local level and its involvement in projects co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme. In particular, two very interesting Erasmus+ projects that “CONNECT Athens” is involved were discussed, the B.LIVING and the MILE.

The second part consisted of a workshop which included a networking session among the participants. The main topic of the workshop was the intercultural communication. Within this framework, Pantelis communicated the ICT4YOUTHWORK Project and how its outcomes can assist youth workers.

Special thanks to the CONNECT ATHENS team for providing us the photos from the conference.