ICT4YOUTHWORK and Shanarani project start a cross-dissemination collaboration

ICT4YOUTHWORK proudly announces that another project is added in the circle of cross-dissemination collaborations that have started some months ago. Read More

New post on iWith.org about our “New collaboration for strengthening common action”!

The post mentions the following:
iWith.org within our project TURN ONline starts collaboration with Strategic Partnership initiative ICT4YOUTHWORK, funded by Erasmus+ programme. Read More

ICT4YOUTHWORK and Turn Online start a cross-dissemination collaboration

TURN Online project is an initiative of seven youth organizations that was supported by Spanish National Agency under Erasmus Plus Programme (Key Action 2). Read More

Hi-tech youth work project disseminates ICT4YOUTHWORK reports

Hi-tech youth work project, one of the projects that we have created a cross-dissemination synergy, wrote a news item about the two ICT4YOUTHWORK reports. The article on their blog refers the following: Read More

ICT4YOUTHWORK visits the youth work organisation Föreningen Framtidståget

Our ICT4YOUTHWORK partner from eGovlab visited on the 11th of October 2018 the youth work organisation Föreningen Framtidståget based in Stockholm to discuss ICT4YOUTHWORK. Read More

Hi-tech Youth Work blog announces our dissemination synergy

The blog post mentions:
“Another project similar to ours is currently running in Europe: ICT4YOUTHWORK; it is a strategic partnership that aims to better enable youth organizations, Read More

ICT4YOUTHWORK starts its collaboration on dissemination with Hi-tech Youth Work

Strong cross-dissemination synergies are necessary in EU-funded projects so that they can reach greater audiences and gain more visibility. Read More

6th TWG Transnational Meeting – 11.09.18, Stockholm, Sweden

ICT4YOUTHWORK project partners met at eGovlab of Stockholm University to discuss upcoming actions on technical aspects but also to reassess and enhance methodologies for the implementation of the project’s next phase, that of the knowledge repository. Read More

eGovlab welcomes Kidnovation start-up

Yesterday, eGovlab welcomed Kidnovation, a start-up that uses gamification in tools for psychosocial support for kids! If you are working with refugee children make sure to check Sara’s Journey! Read More